The “intellectually, emotionally and musically rich” (Star Tribune) men’s vocal ensemble Cantus is widely known for its trademark warmth and blend, innovatibe programming and its engaging performances of music ranging from the Renaissance to the 21st century. The Washington Post has hailed the Cantus sound as having both “exalting finesse” and “expressive power” and refers to the “spontaneous grace” of its music making.

Posted: Apr-25-2016
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Vocal ensembles Cantus and Chanticleer will perform together for the first time ever on Monday, Oct. 3, 2016. The concert will take place at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.

Posted: May-23-2016
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For years, public radio listeners around the country have celebrated “Thanksgiving with Cantus” with American Public Media. A Harvest Home includes original arrangements of favorite hymns, American folk tunes as well as new compositions by Ysaye Barnwell, Byron Adams and pieces by Edvard Grieg, Felix Mendelssohn and Randall Thompson.

Posted: Sep-7-2014
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"Although Cantus prides itself on vocal teamwork, and sang with wonderful blend and expressivity throughout the evening, there were striking individual contributions.

"This was not always an easy evening, and it wasn't meant to be. Music is too often merely the food of love and leisurely distraction, and too rarely food for serious reflection. The sounds and images of "Would You Harbor Me?" lodge firmly in the memory, a pang to conscience and — who knows? — perhaps a stimulant to serious action."

— Minneapolis Star Tribune
Posted: Apr-9-2016
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Posted: Oct-13-2015