Orchestra from Planet "X"

Unbeknownst to the conductor, there are strangers in the concert hall. They seem to communicate by playing rhythmic patters on their odd metallic costumes. They have a device that they tried to attach to the conductor's podium but they were interrupted by the beginning of the concert. What are their intentions?

During the course of the program, as the conductor discusses the unforeseen influences that changed orchestral music in America, these two devious and somewhat inept beings will use their alien technology to try to take control of the conductor's mind and exert an unearthly influence of their own. Ultimately they succeed and it becomes frighteningly apparent that their goal is to have the orchestra play all Leroy Anderson's music. The orchestra plays "The Typewriter" with the aliens as the soloists playing the typewriter parts on their costumes. Luckily for all, the aliens' plans are foiled when their equipment fails and they must depart. The conductor is released from their mind control and, totally unaware of what has happened, ends the concert with innocent speculation about what the next big influence will be that changes the sound of the orchestra in America.

REPERTOIRE (subject to change)
Don Miller: A Percussion Entrance
Don Gillis: Symphony X - 1st mvt. All American City
Copland: Appalachian Spring - Variations on a Shaker Hymn
Copland: Rodeo - Hoe-Down
L.M.Gottschalk: Fiesta Criolla, 2d mvt. of Symphony Romantique, "A Night in the Tropics"
Scott Joplin arr./ Gunther Schuller: The Entertainer
Morton Gould: American Symphonette #2
Leroy Anderson: The Typewriter Song
John Williams: The Flying Theme from E.T.


***Please contact Artist Management for program approval by Artist.

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Posted: Apr-3-2017
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