The Listener

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"Many emotions are experienced at a symphony concert but wonderment is seldom one of them.... It was as if everyone in the audience had created the magic himself."
-Seattle Post Intelligencer

This program, which received the Washington State Arts Commission's highest rating for quality, introduces new audiences to the workings of a concert orchestra and explores the active relationship between the listening audience and the musician. The art of listening requires talent and training. "The Listener" establishes this important concept through fifty minutes of humor, drama, and dance; leaving the audience appreciating their own abilities as well as the orchestra's.

In the dramatic storyline, the conductor has prepared a program of music from the various artistic disciplines but finds his efforts complicated by the unexpected participation of two audience members. Musical challenges between bugle and trumpet and tap dancing to ballet music are just part of the action as these two characters and the audience learn about the orchestra, it's music, and the art of listening.

A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (Themes B-F and Fugue) - Britten
Candide Overture - Bernstein
Polka from "The Age of Gold" - Shostakovich
*Film Music - (five to eight minutes of any John Williams film music, medley or suite)
"Dance of the Little Swans" - Swan Lake (Suite, Op. 20 - Dance #3) - Tchaikovsky
"Entrance of the Toreadors" - Carmen (Suite No.1 - Les Toreadors - Bizet)
Symphony No.39 - Finale (no repeats) - Mozart

*or MCMCo. Approved alternative

55-60 minutes with listed repertoire


***Please contact Artist Management for program approval by Artist.

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Posted: Apr-3-2017
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