The Mozart Experience

© 1986 MCMCo.

"The Mozart Experience" is the second of two programs created and performed by the Magic Circle Mime Co. for the Mostly Mozart Festival at Lincoln Center.

A mischievous street musician finds herself thrust into the role of Mozart in this concert program for chamber orchestra. Presented by the conductor with opportunities and dilemmas similar to those faced by Mozart, the street musician slowly evolves into a modern-day Mozart. From extravagant youth to the appearance of the apocalyptic "mysterious stranger", the audience experiences Mozart's life as a musical, human adventure.

Ah! vous dirai-je Maman (variations)*
The Magic Flute Overture**
"Papageno's Song" from The Magic Flute ("Der Vogelfanger bin Ich ja")
Concerto movement **
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - 1st movement
Overture to Don Giovanni (end at bar 120)
Jupiter Symphony - 4th movement

*music provided by MCMCo.
**to be mutually agreed upon by MCMCo. & Presenter

55-60 minutes with listed repertoire


***Please contact Artist Management for program approval by Artist.

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Posted: Apr-3-2017
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