Music, Noise & Silence

Three meddlesome spirits - Music, Noise and Silence - invade symphony hall. The concert seems doomed as Silence and Noise attempt to seize control of the orchestra. Only with the help of the audience and Music will the conductor be able to break the fierce grip of Noise and bring harmony back to the orchestra.

Suppe: Poet and Peasant Overture (or approved alternative)
Mendelssohn: Dance of the Clowns
Bach/Stowkowski: Little Fugue in G (Fugue in G - the Lesser)
Strauss: Pizzicato Polka
Strauss: Blue Danube Waltz
Ives: Country Band March
Grofe: Cloudburst from "The Grand Canyon Suite"

Program length: 55-60 minutes with listed works

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
The Cleveland Orchestra
Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
The Minnesota Orchestra
The Philadelphia Orchestra
St Louis Symphony Orchestra
Symphonique de Montreal
Toronto Symphony Orchestra


***Please contact Artist Management for program approval by Artist.

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Posted: Apr-3-2017
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