With innovative multi-genre original productions, sensational interpretations of modern classics, and an “exhilarating blend of precision and anarchy, rigor and bedlam,” (New Yorker), Sō Percussion has redefined the scope and vital role of the modern percussion ensemble.

Posted: Aug-16-2017
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So Percussion performs in Susan Marshall's Construction on January 13 as part of APAP. 

Posted: Jan-4-2018
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Drumkit Quartets, a collaboration between Glenn Kotche and Sō Percussion, runs the expressive gamut of percussive instrumentation, from the marimba-based “Drumkit Quartet #51” to the hand-cranked sirens that open “Drumkit Quartet #50,” which channels the futurist manifesto of Luigi Russolo’s “art of noise,” spiced with a little John Cage and Luc Ferrari. A rich sonic tapestry of rhythmic exploration, audio collage and third-mind improv, Drumkit Quartets actually goes well beyond the drumkit — which is to be expected, given the feverishly inventive artists behind the recording.

Posted: Feb-26-2016
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"In my many years of reviewing music, I had somehow failed to see the potential of the instrumental combination of voice, piano, and percussion quartet until a lovely Terrace Theater recital on Thursday night for the Fortas Chamber Music Concerts demonstrated its merits. The voice was Dawn Upshaw’s, the pianist was Gil Kalish, and the quartet was the redoubtable So Percussion, which certainly helped to sell a program of ear-friendly new work."

— Washington Post
Posted: Apr-6-2018
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Posted: Sep-11-2017