Label: Cantaloupe Music
Released: May 10, 2011
Catalog Num: CA21064
Threads, written for S? Percussion in 2005, is a half-hour long "cantata" for percussion quartet in ten short movements. There are three "threads" that are interwoven in the piece: Arias and Preludes that focus on the metallic pitched sounds of vibraphones, glockenspiel and pipes; Choruses in which drumming predominates; and Recitatives made largely from Cage-like noise instruments, bottles, flower pots, crotales, etc. The aim of the different threads is to highlight the wide range of qualities that percussion instruments are capable of, from lyrical and tender to forceful and aggressive, and weave them into one continuous "thread". The movements are performed without interruption. -Paul Lansky
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Updated: Jun-17-2011
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