Spektral Quartet actively pursues a vivid conversation between exhilarating works of the traditional canon and those written this decade, this year, or this week. With its most recent album described by Gramophone as “highly-interactive, creative and collaborative...unlike anything its intended audience—or anyone else—has ever heard,” Spektral is known for creating seamless connections across centuries, drawing in the listener with charismatic deliveries, interactive concert formats, an up-close atmosphere, and bold, inquisitive programming.

Posted: Mar-15-2017
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Grammy-nominated string quartet brings innovative programming & a sly sense of humor.

Posted: Mar-15-2017
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Classical music can always benefit from a dose of the funny.

Each piece on Serious Business looks at humor in music from a different angle – not necessarily with the goal of making the listener laugh, but as a sophisticated subject to be explored (without taking that subject too seriously, of course). If you've been to one of our shows, read our newsletter, or follow us on social media, you know that humor has been an essential part of our approach to performance from the beginning.

Recorded in 9.1 surround sound at the acoustically superb studios of Sono Luminus, the album includes the world premiere recordings of three highly-virtuosic string quartets written for us – Sky Macklay’s Many Many Cadences, David Reminick’s The Ancestral Mousetrap, and Chris Fisher-Lochhead’s Hack, plus prankster Josef Haydn’s String Quartet Opus 33, No 2 in E-flat major, “The Joke.”

Posted: Jan-29-2016
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"The Everest of modern string quartets received its Chicago premiere at the Museum of Contemporary Art on Saturday night, and Spektral Quartet gamely scaled it in a mere five hours and eight minutes.... the account was more consistently sensitive to dynamics, color and nuance than on the two existing recordings — an achievement."

— Chicago Tribune
Posted: Mar-16-2017
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Posted: Mar-15-2017