Director, Peter Phillips, founded The Tallis Scholars in 1973. Through recordings and concert performances, the ensemble has established itself as the leading exponent of Renaissance sacred music throughout the world. Peter Phillips has worked with the group to create, through good tuning and blend, the purity and clarity of sound that he feels best serves the Renaissance repertoire, allowing every detail of the musical lines to be heard. It is the resulting beauty of sound for which The Tallis Scholars has become so widely renowned.

Posted: Jun-21-2014
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The Tallis Scholars' Tintinnabuli, released in 2015 on Gimell Records, has been included in BBC Music Magazine's list of the six best Arvo Pärt recordings.

Posted: Aug-17-2018
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Can great music be inspired by the throw of dice? The possibility clearly excited Josquin, who prefaced the tenor part in several of the movements of his Missa Di dadi with a pair of dice, each pair giving a different total score. 

Both these Masses based on secular melodies seem to show Josquin as a young man exploring what he could do with the form. He would experiment further, and equally randomly, in other settings of the Mass. But here are two major variations on the timeless theme of how to set the Mass text, one with a particularly engaging history, and both yielding some superlative a cappella writing.

Posted: Oct-28-2016
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"The late prom which followed saw the Tallis Scholars singing music by Part, Hildegard of Bingen, and Thomas Tallis to a packed hall in hushed silence."

— The Independent (UK)
Posted: Sep-9-2018
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Posted: May-17-2018