Spring 2020 Tour Program

The Field of the Cloth of Gold

Between the 7th and 24th June 1520, in fields near Calais, there took place one of the most spectacular political summit meetings of all time. Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France met to seal a treaty of friendship between their two warring countries, with no expense spared. Everything was carefully prepared to make the surface seem smooth, yet everything had an undercurrent of the most intense rivalry, from the negotiations of high state, to the wrestling, the food, the jousting - and the music.

The two Chapels Royal were of course in attendance, and of course they tried to out-sing each other. As luck would have it the two choirs were led by two exceptional composers of the period, composers to whom the Tallis Scholars have devoted individual recordings: Jean Mouton on the French side, and William Cornysh on the English.

Mouton: Nesciens mater 
Cornysh: Ave Maria, mater dei
Mouton: Ave Maria, virgo serena
Mouton: Ave Maria, benedicta tu
Fawkyner: Gaude rosa sine spina
Mouton: “Kyrie” and “Agnus dei” from the Missa Dictes moy toutes vos pensées
Mouton: Salva nos
Cornysh: Ah Robin
Cornysh: Woefully arrayed
Cornysh: Magnificat



Rose without thorn

Taverner: Leroy Kyrie 
Byrd: Laetentur caeli
Byrd: Tribulationes civitatum
Fawkyner: Gaude rosa sine spina
Chant: Da pacem
Josquin: Missa Da pacem (Agnus)
Part: Da pacem
Gombert: Media vita
Gombert: Magnificat III


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Posted: Jan-14-2019
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