December 2019 Tour Program


I've long been fascinated by how composers from different backgrounds set the same, seminal texts. This programme goes some way towards showing how important and durable plainchant was, from the renaissance period to 20th century Paris; and from territories as far apart as England and Mexico.

We start with one of the most famous of these chant melodies - the Salve regina - and sing three strongly contrasting settings based on it, from Puebla, Paris and London. The Ave Maria section follows the same pattern. In the second half it is the Miserere and Magnificat settings which are most obviously dependent on chant (the famous Allegri particularly so); while the Tallis and Messiaen O sacrum convivium motets show how composers who were poles apart in time and place may react to the same words in the same way - in this case with a sense of mystical intensity. Our programme rounds off with two similarly joyful Magnificats, one Protestant, one Catholic, from 16th century England and Spain. - Peter Phillips

Salve Regina
Chant: Salve Regina 
Padilla: Salve Regina 
Poulenc: Salve Regina 
Cornysh‎: Salve Regina 
Ave Maria
Chant: Ave Maria 
Cornysh: Ave Maria 
Poulenc: Ave Maria (a 10, arr. Jeremy White)
Allegri: Miserere
Croce: Miserere
O sacrum convivium
Tallis: O sacrum convivium
Messiaen: O sacrum convivium
Byrd: Short Magnificat
Victoria: Magnificat for double choir 

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Posted: Jun-14-2018
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