Fall 2020 Tour Program

The Tallis Scholars
Peter Phillips, Founder and Conductor
December 2020 US Tour Program

Hymns to the Virgin

The Virgin Mary has inspired composers since the earliest days of sacred music as an art-form. We present here a selection of such inspirations, from both the Catholic and Orthodox traditions, ranging from Josquin to Stravinsky. Josquin's Missa Ave maris stella (whose title refers to the beautiful concept of Mary as Star of the Sea) is one of his most finely-wrought. Francisco Guerrero was known in his lifetime as 'El Cantor de Maria', and here are two pieces to show why. Matthew Martin's Sanctissima is a newly-composed fantasy on the Guerrero which precedes it. Through homages by Lassus and Pärt we finally come to Isaac's magnificent Virgo prudentissima, which not only hymns Mary, but also the Cherubim, the archangel Michael and Maximilian I of Austria in one of the most splendid ceremonial motets of all time.


Lassus: Alma redemptoris mater
Josquin: Missa Ave maris stella
Guerrero: Maria Magdalene
Guerrero: Ave virgo sanctissima
Martin: Sanctissima
Stravinsky: Bogoroditse devo (Ave Maria)
Pärt: Virgencita
Isaac: Virgo prudentissima



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Posted: Jan-16-2019
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