More Vivaldi Concertos
When it comes to the Vivaldi concerti, it is hard to beat Giuliano Carmignola's ongoing partnership with the Venice Baroque Orchestra. (The VBO is also responsible for making the first recording of the aforementioned Andromeda liberata, a recently rediscovered serenata that was completely or partially by Vivaldi, and it remains a marvel to hear.) Add Viktoria Mullova, who made a really fine Vivaldi disc with Il Giardino Armonico a few years ago, to the mix and you have a deal. For music of this period Mullova has taken to playing her 1750 Guadagnini violin with a replica of a Baroque bow, which fits in beautifully with Carmignola's 1732 "Baillot" Stradivarius and the historical instruments of the VBO strings (8-2-2-1). The continuo realization is provided by the group's director, Andrea Marcon, at the harpischord, with inventive assistance from Ivano Zanenghi on lute. Perhaps also not essential, this recording is an excellent choice for both the Vivaldi specialist and the general or newbie listener who, for example, likes The Four Seasons and wants to hear more.
Charles T. Downey, Ionarts
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