Editor's Choice

“Ingeniously programmed and impeccably delivered, with that undefinable excitement that comes from a group of musicians working absolutely as one, The Gesualdo Six’s ‘Fading’ is startlingly, urgently excellent. If their first album (‘English Motets’, 4/18) pricked up the ears and their second (‘Christmas’, 12/19) confirmed their talent, this third recording from the young all-male vocal ensemble feels like an arrival, showing us exactly what this group is capable of.

“The quality of the singing – the blend and bass-anchored balance, the rounded, unforced tone, the control from solo voices – is exhilarating.

“The Gesualdo Six are the real deal. Far from fading, they’re just coming into focus.”

Alexandra Coghlan, Gramophone Magazine

“Combining Tallis and Gesualdo with modern/contemporary composers such as Sarah Rimkus and Gerda Blok-Wilson and the late Veljo Tormis can be tricky for an ensemble, but The Gesualdo Six and Owain Park are fearless and have shaped a programme that almost plays out as a composed sequence. The singing is impeccable…

“A wonderful recording.”

Brian Morton, Choir and Organ Magazine
Total: 2 (Viewing: 1–2)