The Tallis Scholars were founded in 1973 by their director, Peter Phillips. Through their recordings and concert performances, they have established themselves as the leading exponents of Renaissance sacred music throughout the world. Peter Phillips has worked with the ensemble to create, through good tuning and blend, the purity and clarity of sound which he feels best serve the Renaissance repertoire, allowing every detail of the musical lines to be heard. It is the resulting beauty of sound for which The Tallis Scholars have become so widely renowned.


Posted: Jun-13-2019
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Both Vox Lumunis and The Tallis Scholars have albums featured in Gramphone magazine's "Critics' Choice 2019."

Posted: Jan-1-2020
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"With Missa Mater Patris and Missa Da pacem our project to record all of Josquin's masses runs into controversy. Who wrote these pieces, and when? In the case of one of Josquin's greatest compositions, Missa Mater Patris, its style is so unusual that some scholars have questioned its authorship. With Missa Da pacem these questions become more pressing. Thought during the 19th century to be the most typical and perfect of all Josquin’s masses, it has recently been shown to be written by the little-known Noel Bauldeweyn. Or is it?" –– Peter Phillips

Posted: Nov-1-2019
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"Whether Missa Mater Patris is early or late, Phillips and his singers communicate Josquin’s passionate response to Brumel with luxurious tone and beautifully shaped melodic arcs, particularly in the third Agnus Dei, which is like a flower opening in an arid landscape. By contrast, a jaunty Hosanna also reveals a lightness of touch."

— Limelight
Posted: Apr-16-2020
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Posted: May-17-2018