Totally Convincing

"[Trio Karénine] demonstrated their superb sense for musical colors and drama....

"With Trio Karénine one can experience an organic piano trio culture. The two strings are not covered by the piano but relate to it in intelligently modulated balance. In addition, all three musicians transition alertly and sensitively between their roles as soloists and accompanists."

Ulrich Möller-Arnsberg, Süddeutsche Zeitung

"The Karénines know how to bring Schumann’s music to life with talent and genius."

SCHUMANN Piano Trios Nos 1 & 2

"The Trio Karénine were joint winners ... of the 2013 ARD Competition in Munich.... There’s an effervescence and litheness that underpins their approach (not for nothing are they named after Tolstoy’s heroine Anna Karenina, ‘for the life force she represents’).... A most impressive debut."

Harriet Smith, Gramophone
Total: 3 (Viewing: 1–3)