Venice Baroque Orchestra and Ann Hallenberg Enthrall

"Venice Baroque Orchestra has hit upon a winning plan: concertize with wonderful guest artists in tow. In Rockport last summer they dazzled with mandolin virtuoso Avi Avital. This is not to suggest that this remarkable ensemble “needs” a guest artist. Far from it. They are one of the world’s leading Baroque orchestras."

John Ehrlich, Boston Musical Intelligencer
Rockport Rocked By Israeli and Venetians

"When two forces of nature, mandolin virtuoso Avi Avital and the esteemed Venice Baroque Orchestra made friendly jousts on the Shalin Liu stage Friday July 12th, dazzling fireworks ensued."

John Ehrlich, Boston Musical Intelligencer
Venice Baroque Orchestra dazzles New York on a Day of Champions

"There was a level of aggression and forcefulness one does not see or hear so often in Baroque performances, but totally appropriate for the tumultuous age that gave birth to these composers of rare invention."

Linda Holt, Bachtrack
Cloudbursts and Venetian sunshine from Avi Avital and the Venice Baroque Orchestra at Wigmore Hall

"Groups like Il Giardino Armonico, Europa Galante and Concerto Italiano shook up the Baroque world with fiery interpretations, less concerned with fidelity to the score than making those notes leap off the page. Founded in 1997, the Venice Baroque Orchestra swiftly joined those illustrious ranks and their contributions this evening were lusty and invigorating.... In the brief Sinfonia in G major, there were hints of the heat haze and buzzing fireflies of Vivaldi’s Summer from The Four Seasons, the VBO’s muscular attack full of vigour."

Mark Pullinger, Bachtrack
Venice Baroque Orchestra: Bang the String Quickly

"The playing was spectacular, the dynamics perfect, and the sound distinctive — a furious drum roll of percussive strings."

Steve Osborn, San Francisco Classical Voice
The Best Classical Music Performances of 2017

"The too-little I heard at Carnegie Hall’s rich February festival, celebrating the Venetian Republic, was all superb, including Vivaldi’s 'Juditha Triumphans,' in a performance of Technicolor vividness by Andrea Marcon and the Venice Baroque Orchestra ... "

Zachary Woolfe, New York Times
Nicola Benedetti and Venice Baroque Orchestra spread Italian gusto, joy and love!

"This is clearly an orchestra with no limits to its virtuosity."

David Richards, Toronto Concert Reviews
One-Two Vivaldi Punch

"In the midst of the Venice Baroque Orchestra’s rare, rousing performance of Vivaldi’s oratorio 'Juditha Triumphans' at Carnegie Hall, a one-two punch: the strumming theorbos, as delicately joyful as music gets, accompanying Ann Hallenberg in "O servi volate,' and then the chalumeau — a clarinet progenitor — weaving a milkily cooing melody, like a flute heard through a foggy morning at a harbor, as Delphine Galou sang 'Veni, veni, me sequere fida.'"

Zachary Woolfe, New York Times
Kennedy Center hosts a brilliantly HIP performance of Vivaldi

"Take the Venice Baroque Orchestra, which came to the Kennedy Center’s Fortas Chamber Music Concerts on Monday night. Now in its 20th year, the group is one of the most adventurous and interesting of chamber ensembles.... At the Kennedy Center’s Theater Lab ... the group offered a whole evening of baroque concertos, mainly by Italian composers ... and showed its mastery of its core repertoire in a vital, lively, varied evening."

Anne Midgette, Washington Post
Vivaldi’s ‘Juditha’ Triumphs Again with Venice Baroque Orchestra at Carnegie

"The performance was terrific. Again, let’s cut to the chase: Andrea Marcon is a great conductor of this kind of theatrical music, and his Venice Baroque Orchestra is right there with him, completely involved with every cell in their bodies."

Christopher Johnson, ZEALnyc
Round-up London: Juditha triumphans - Barbican

"The chance to hear this played by one of those phenomenally cultured continental Baroque groups - in this case Andrea Marcon's Venice Baroque Orchestra - sounded unmissable. And so it proved.... Played and sung with precision and passion, every nuance was wrung out.... The Venice Baroque Orchestra gave an unmissable account of Juditha triumphans ..."

Opera Now
Juditha triumphans, Barbican, London — review

"... conductor Andrea Marcon encouraged the Venice Baroque Orchestra to play the music of its illustrious Venetian forebear with the maximum colour and variety."

Richard Fairman, Financial Times
Vivaldi’s rare oratorio enjoyed an exquisite performance by Venice Baroque under Andrea Marcon, the Guildhall Consort and a wealth of soloists

"Venice Baroque play Vivaldi better than anyone nowadays..."

Tim Ashley, The Guardian
Venice Baroque Orchestra goes for broke at Dumbarton Oaks

"The world of baroque music — with its courtly manners and faint aroma of wig powder — may have seemed, in the past, like a rather staid place. But a slew of adventurous and hard-charging new ensembles has changed all that, and few have been more exciting than the Venice Baroque Orchestra, which brought its vivid and incisive playing to Dumbarton Oaks on Sunday night.

"There’s a wildness in Vivaldi’s music that makes it so exciting, a sense of barely controlled fury in his huge, cascading waves of sound. But there’s also a heart-breaking vulnerability at its core, and the Venice players balanced them to perfection."

Stephen Brookes, Washington Post
Venice and Vivaldi, Center Stage at the Metropolitan Museum

"That was just one of many displays of virtuosity from an orchestra of remarkable depth."

James R. Oestreich, New York Times
Avi Avital, mandolin – VIVALDI works – with Venice Baroque Orch. – DGG

"The sound he achieves with the Venice Baroque Orchestra is full, luxurious and mysterious – just like Venice itself."

Robert Tomas, Audiophile Audition
Avi Avital and the Venice Baroque, in Sizzling Communion

"The chemistry between the ensemble and Mr. Avital was palpable. There were exquisite little exchanges between Mr. Avital and Ivano Zanenghi, the orchestra’s lutenist, that played on the juxtaposition of the sharp and mellow sounds of their respective instruments, and moments when the mandolin and Mr. Bovo’s cello conversed as equals."

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, New York Times
Mandolin master Avi Avital supercharges orchestra

"Few musical experiences are more enjoyable than to witness a group of musicians, all evidently enjoying themselves, playing beautiful music with precision and compelling expression. This is what Sunday’s audience experienced at the remarkable concert presented by the Venice Baroque Orchestra, with Avi Avital as the solo mandolin player.

"The imagination the orchestra brought ... was remarkable, and it drew the warmest appreciation from the audience.

"In sum, this was a concert to remember, not just because of Avital’s wonderfully free virtuosity and compelling musical presence, but also because of the crisp, totally engaged playing by the Venice Baroque Orchestra, an ensemble that evidently loves what it does and communicates this love to its audience. This was the best in early music performance and a treat for music-living Calgarians."

Kenneth Delong, Calgary Herald
Avital, Venice Baroque Orchestra strike sparks at Tropical Baroque Festival

"Venice Baroque Orchestra, the award-winning, internationally-acclaimed period instrument ensemble, performed a stellar concert Monday night at Miami Beach Community Church, as part of the Tropical Baroque Music Festival. The venue was packed and the audience enthusiastic and appreciative, more than once applauding particularly well-played individual movements. Venice Baroque was joined by Grammy-nominated mandolinist Avi Avital.

"The concert earned the orchestra and soloists a well-deserved extended and enthusiastic standing ovation."

Peter James Learn, South Florida Classical Review
Countertenor Jaroussky hits the heights in Mandel Hall recital
"... the ensemble brought tonal delicacy and wide dynamic contrasts to two Handel Concerti grosso (in A minor and G major, Op. 6, nos. 4 and 1). The astringent period timbres lent bite and the excellent theorbo player provided subtle textural touches."
Lawrence A. Johnson, Chicago Classical Review
Joroussky dazzles in Venice Baroque Orchestra debut
"The 20-piece period-instrument ensemble, which included a theorbo, a kind of double-necked lute, as part of the continuo, performed with a winning gusto and freedom and an appropriately light, transparent sound."
Kyle MacMillan, Chicago Sun-Times
Venice Baroque Orchestra makes Vivaldi sizzle and astonish at Tulane University's Dixon Hall
"Happily, there are such events as Wednesday's (Feb. 26) concert by members of the Venice Baroque Orchestra to remind us that superlative musicianship — a collective instinct for illuminating the core of what matters expressively — banishes any potential refuge into academic debate. The ensemble (four violins, viola, cello, bass, lute and harpsichord) was laudably scrupulous, expected of a group established in 1997 by keyboardist and scholar Andrea Marcon. Yet it was passion, not policy, which defined this evening at Dixon Hall on the campus of Tulane University.

"The energy sizzled. The satisfactions abounded."
Andrew Adler, New Orleans Times-Picayune
"There are countertenors, and then there is Mr. Jaroussky.... with Mr. Jaroussky, there is scarcely a sense of anything artificial in the vocal production. He sings with an ease and fluidity that you would think could come only from a natural voice. And that is before you lay on his keen intelligence and his tremendous artistry."
James R. Oestreich, New York Times
Venice Baroque Orchestra with Mario Brunello
"Music from several hundred years earlier made up the first half of the program, a clutch of 18 th-century pieces spotlighting cellist Brunello. Brunello’s curriculum vitae tilts heavily toward the performance of later music and at times this showed: His sound could be forward and urgent, his timing constricted."
Annie Timberlake, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Baroque battles on Valentine's Day
"Hearing the Venice Baroque Orchestra and Philippe Jaroussky live will, hands down, be written in my mind as one of the most memorable concerts events that I have had the privilege of attending."
Anthony Rodgers,
Venice Baroque Orchestra at UCSB's Campbell Hall
"The spirit of Antonio Vivaldi was practically visible under the nearly ideal conditions that prevailed in Campbell Hall on Thursday night."
Joseph Miller, Santa Barbara Independent
Venice Baroque Orchestra and Philippe Jaroussky at Disney Hall
"In a KUSC interview with Jim Svejda, Jaroussky spoke of how he enjoys working with the Venice Baroque Orchestra because of the way the musicians adjust their playing to his voice. In Porpora’s 'Alto Giove' from Poliferno, the strings played the opening pulsating rhythms in a somber mood, but with empathy that seemed to encourage Jaroussky to freely and openly express his sorrow and longing, as B.B. King might after a blues riff. Jaroussky’s voice then luminously filled the hall as he sang 'that beautiful, loving goddess I so sighed for' in a way that conveyed at once ecstasy from sight of beauty and pain from longing for beauty."
Samuel Jang, Culture Spot LA
"The orchestral playing, led by Andrea Marcon, is dynamic and propulsive throughout - and as a special delight, the disc includes two duets with mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli, who seems to spur Jaroussky to some of his most inspired musicianship." Read More...
Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle
Farinelli was the greatest 18th-century castrato. Nicola Porpora was his singing teacher and, in 50 operas, the composer who gave him the fizzingly virtuosic or meltingly lyrical arias with which he dazzled Europe. I’d be surprised if Farinelli’s voice was any more astonishing than the countertenor Philippe Jaroussky, who sings 11 of Porpora’s arias here, most previously unrecorded. The Venice Baroque Orchestra supplies zesty backing; Cecilia Bartoli, no less is on two duets. Read More...
Richard Morrison, The Times (UK)
Venice Baroque Orchestra: When Wild Works
"The qualities that made this concert succeed in spite of its wildness were the sparkling freshness and the enthusiasm of all the members, and these traits make the Venice Baroque Orchestra stand out from other equally skilled groups."
Stan Metzger, Seen and Heard International
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